13 September 2007


Circa 1939 to 1943 in good ole USA

When children was not excempted from what went on in the world.

And a buck was a buck.

They have some super pics, go and look.

After all you paid for it as it is at the library of Congress.




Yep, our parents were united against our enemies as kids. Now our elected leaders use us against our parents. "For the children" my behind. There won't be any friggin' children.

Tony Homepage 09.23.07 - 3:06 am #
I love old photos. Nice catch. Thanks for the link.

Libby Spencer Homepage 09.17.07 - 1:17 am #


Yep, it was a different era. Many staples including such things as butter and meat were rationed as well as tires and gasoline. people were encouraged to grow a "Victory" garden in their yards instead of grass. It was a total effort to defeat the Nazis and the Japanese.

One has to wonder if the public of the USA can ever hold together like this again to defeat an enemy that has attacked us..

GUYK Homepage 09.13.07 - 6:22 pm #

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