16 August 2007


Truculent horses

What superb photos.
Click on pics to see these beautiful animals better and bigger.

Truculent horses stolen from The Adventures of Truculent Horse
I did let her know though, but I'm still a horse thief.
These are fabulous pics. They sort of regenerate you.
Kim Homepage 09.01.07 - 3:37 am #
Thanks for pointing out the blog Kees, I love horses but we do not agree on the riding aspect... Not that I have had better luck with the steel steed's either! One week and one month to go till I may officially remount.
RobC Homepage 08.25.07 - 2:50 pm #
These are beautiful photos! What marvelous energy.
Bonita Homepage 08.17.07 - 9:06 pm #

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