16 August 2007


Too Funny

Killer who wouldn't appeal is executed
A condemned killer who fought for seven years to drop his appeals, saying he owed it to his victims, was executed Tuesday by injection in Florence, Arizona.
Robert Charles Comer, 50, had been convicted of a 1987 crime wave in which he killed a camper east of Phoenix and raped a woman in front of her boyfriend.Comer was mostly quiet as he lay strapped to a gurney before his execution.
When the warden asked whether he had any last words, the California native replied:
"Yes, go Raiders."
I am so morally conflicted....
Here we have a criminal who seems to understand the concept of justice, who seems to feel remorse for his crimes, who may even have partially reformed himself in prison, yet he still supports the Raiders.
Fuck it. Juice him up, Warden.
Fat Sparrow

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