22 August 2007


Shadow Art

Very cool but somehow I dont think it will sell for much.
Humm. Like a lot of modern "conceptual" art..( humm maybe I should put "Art"?) this one is a pile of junk. At least this one is amusing. I'm guessing the message the artist is trying to give is that we are all just piles of trash. Nice that, eh?
Nancy Homepage 08.27.07 - 7:01 am #
My MOther taught me that when I couldn't say nothing good about something just to say that it's interesting..yeah, that's it..it is interesting...
GUYK Homepage 08.24.07 - 8:56 pm #
That's pretty cool. Wouldn't want it in my home, but it sure is fascinating/perplexing to stare at.
Erica Homepage 08.23.07 - 1:47 am #
Personally, I think a lot of the art I've seen falls into the area of junk; this one is just more honest about it.
BobG Homepage 08.22.07 - 6:55 pm #

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