17 August 2007


A new monkey for Vman

He is obviously not blogging because he is fascinated by and getting to know his new monkey

I see Elisson has his ideas on the same subject so has Maeve and Eric




I've only done that once or twice. For money, of course.

Velociman Homepage 08.26.07 - 4:33 pm #

Monkeys like to entertain

hammer Homepage 08.21.07 - 3:57 pm #


Was anybody else hoping that orangutan would purse up its lips and spit pee on the spectators? Oh, just me... Damn...

El Capitan Homepage 08.20.07 - 11:37 pm #
So the monkey is a swallower and not a spitter eh?

Maeve Homepage 08.20.07 - 5:00 pm #


... heheheh.... that ain't nothing, Keesie... you should have seen that monkey wear him out in Helen last year....

Eric Homepage 08.19.07 - 1:28 am #
Ewwwwwwwwwww. That is a very bad [and very exhibitionistic] icky monkey. I don't think even V-Man would stoop so low. I hope not. No. He wouldn't. He couldn't.

Erica Homepage 08.17.07 - 4:56 pm #

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