15 August 2007


Lame jokes that made me giggle

For Elisson

Cutting Humor
What do I care about circumcision it's no skin off my nose!

For Hammer

Nailing It
Two hammers are lazing around, a nail passes by.
Hammer 1 "I would hit that any day"
Hammer 2:"Ya dude I heard nails give good head"

hehe! Just don't use the wrong end
hammer Homepage 08.16.07 - 2:41 pm #
The mohel (the person who performs ritual circumcisions) saved all of the foreskins he removed and made a briefcase out of them.
And it was a wonderful briefcase...because when he rubbed it, it turned into a suitcase.
And when he put a little ice water on it, it turned into a wallet.
Elisson Homepage 08.15.07 - 1:31 pm #

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