13 August 2007



Taken with more skill than I can put together.
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They nest in my yard every year, and the trumpet vine out back always has at leas a half dozen of the males scrapping with each other over it.
BobG Homepage 08.14.07 - 6:43 pm #
I know that hummingbirds are not native (and pretty much don't exist) in Europe. Are there any in Africa, or more specifically your part of Africa/Zambia?I grew up in North Carolina, USA and they are all over the place. Vicious little beasts. I once saw a man catch one between his palms and it stuck it's beak all the way through the back of his hand.
K-nine Homepage 08.13.07 - 11:27 pm #
Hi K-nineWe have various types of H birds here. Longer and shorter beak varieties and lots of colour differences. In the warmer climes the bush is full of flowers all year long, so I guess that will attract them.
keeskennis Homepage 08.14.07 - 9:09 am #

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