14 August 2007


A gathering of women

Not that it is a bad thing of course.
I remember when, as a youngster, I saw my first public display of nudity. Some female students were cavorting in a public fountain. I was offended, intrigued, scared and leering all at the same time.

.... wow.... check out that one baby up in the top left.... she seems to be the only one trying to escape..... everyone else just looks stoned....
Eric Homepage 08.15.07 - 3:50 am #
I wonder how fast they could un-pile if someone in the middle farted...
ralphd00d Homepage 08.14.07 - 11:30 pm #
There are plenty of naked guys in that pile. No woman is as flat chested as a couple of those "gals". But I'm sure a guy should be able to dream
Snowbug 08.14.07 - 7:00 pm #
Somewhere on the bottom of that pile is a naked guy with a big grin on his face.
BobG Homepage 08.14.07 - 6:42 pm #

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