07 August 2007


The art of something ....

or other.
I have wondered what the backstory to this picture is.
When I was growing up pigs like this were vicious beasts and we were scared of them. That was before I read 1984 of course. As a result of reading 1984, I can tell you that little pigs do not write well. Endless hours of teaching and none of them could read or write shit, all they could do was eat it and play in it.
Maybe I didn't love them enough, or I missed the point of the story.

Pigs are VERY smart and really do make nice pets if you can get past the smell.

Maeve Homepage 08.08.07 - 8:15 am #
She is obviously not a Muslim girl.
BobG Homepage 08.07.07 - 8:33 pm #
Almost looks like a scene from 'Charlotte's Web'.
Ralphd00d Homepage 08.07.07 - 8:24 pm #

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