03 June 2007


Valentino Rossi

You have 23 laps of 5.2 km circuit to race.
Your main competition has a bike that is 10 km per hour faster than yours.
That is, 310 kph to 300 kph down the main straight.
The circuit is a fast circuit with straights of 800 m and 1200m.
That is, you are racing for your life at Mugello in Italy and your name is Valentino Rossi.

What you do is use your SUPERIOR racing skills and blow away the competition in the racy bits of the circuit.

Sorry Aussie Biker, but the diff is now 9 points in the championship race and indeed "It's a beautiful thing to watch :) "

Also the title of your post linked above: "The V Man" is almost sacrilegious, that is reserved for the real Vman.

Not even one of the best motorbike racers in the world can have that.

How's that for super ass creeping?

Did you notice that your tax dollars only got you 5th place in the Super 14 Rugby Competition.

I actually like the Aussie Biker and his fight against idiocy in Australia, but had to get my dig in here, both on the MotoGP and the Rugby.
It was more beautiful watching him choke at Valencia
Tex Homepage 06.06.07 - 3:09 pm #
I like Stoner too but Rossi's DA MAN!
Viva La Figa! I just love his impudent attitude plus he crashed his first 125 on the first corner first time out... just like me on my first bike! (My dad was not impressed nor was my insurance broker!)
RobC Homepage 06.05.07 - 11:48 pm #

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