21 June 2007


How to make a nice salad with egg rings

Have any of you guys ever seen something like this? It is completely new to me, or am I just tooooo deep in the bush.
the package reads "boiled eggs." haven't seen them here yet.
djs 06.25.07 - 9:08 pm #
Damn, I'd hate to meet that chicken.
K-nine Homepage 06.22.07 - 1:05 am #
What the hell is it? By the writing it looks like Nip grub, which after having spent 2yrs with the slant eyed little f*ckers in Kenya, is fekkin 'orrible! (apart from Nori)
Jayne Homepage 06.21.07 - 8:04 pm #
Damn...you couldn't pay me to eat that crap. I've never seen it, thankfully.
Chickie Homepage 06.21.07 - 7:36 pm #

I've seen them, and avoid them like I would avoid a tofu steak.
BobG Homepage 06.21.07 - 6:21 pm #

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