05 June 2007


Hey ....

Brown bear - Bavarian Forest Nationalpark

... are you listening?
Nice lookin' grizzlies.
BobG Homepage 06.08.07 - 8:04 pm #
I don't want to sound negative toward another poster, but I don't think those are any African carnivore - they look more like bears to me.
WTF are they, Kees?
Oubaas 06.07.07 - 2:31 pm #
KK: Caption added.
You've got an unfair advantage over us American bloggers. Living in Africa, you've got access to all kinds of great animals to photograph. All we've got are a lot of illegal aliens, gangbangers, camel jockeys and crooked politicians to take pictures of....
It just ain't fair, I tell yah. Well, okay, we do have Paris Hilton, but she's in the slammer, so what does that leave us, besides all those other drunken, spoiled bimbos in Hollywood?
And, I don't live anywhere near there, so all I've got are cicadas, squirrels and lots of those aforementioned crooked politicians.... Oh, woe is me.
MohawkChieftain 06.05.07 - 10:28 pm #

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