18 June 2007



It's French.
The Gaelic shrug.
Fuck YOU, you are not French.

I do not understand how a backward (that is by African standards) country can pick up the most hatefull trends from their old colonial masters.
Maybe that is why they are backwards.
Money grabbing, surly, aggressive little shits.

A scene from the border post between Zambia and DRC.

KK: (with big smile) Bonjour Monsieur.
Customs Official: blah. blah. fuck you.
KK: You want to look in my suitcase, please feel free.
CO: (finger pointing and french words)
KK: OK, OK I'll open the fucking suitcase myself!
The CO now proceeds to look through my dirty clothes, putting his hands into all the pockets.
KK: I must add here as I detest littering I put my cigarette ends in my pocket and often forget to put those into the bin when I have a chance.
So after several washed and unwashed ends he points that I can now close the case.
CO: (finger pointing and french words) this time directed at my computer case.
KK: (getting pissed and getting louder) OK here it is!!
CO:(finger pointing and french words) and I showed him how to start the computer.
CO: (finger pointing and french words) and I typed in my password.
Now a senior CO arrives on the scene (finger pointing and french words), airtime, (finger pointing and french words), airtime. (meaning that I should give him some money to buy airtime for his phone)
KK: FUCK YOU !!!, (crossing my arms at the wrist) FUCK YOU!, LOCK ME UP!, you fucking shits.
I am livid and shouting at this stage, and attracting the attentions of passerby's.
The senior CO is now mouthing the word "Non" repeatedly.
The CO now closes my laptop without switching it off.
KK: You FUCKING MORON, go ahead and find those FUCKING porno movies, YOU IMBECILE. (finger pointing and french words)
I open up and close my computer properly.
The senior CO is now (with a growing crowd in attendance) quite subservient, MONSIEUR, MONSIEUR, directed at me all the time.
I disregard all the attemps by all the officials to carry my bags and take them and walk away.
(finger pointing and french words), "animale"
I am going to cross that border on a regular basis and I will teach those CO's some manners.


I also hate uncivil servants... mmm should have added civil in between... NOT!RobC Homepage 06.24.07 - 9:54 pm #


Um, the DRC was Belgian, not French - same thing almost. Most Belgians speak French as a home language anyway. Neither country could run a colony worth a damn anyway ....

Oubaas 06.21.07 - 3:33 pm #

.KK: Yes Oubaas, you get the same feeling as in Ivory Coast

picked up the graft and arrogance from the frogs, huh?

GUYK Homepage 06.19.07 - 11:10 am #


Heh.......next time pack a nice big black dildo in your luggage. Make sure it is a vibrating one.
Homepage 06.19.07 - 5:41 am #
is it me or does everyone hate the French?
Homepage 06.19.07 - 12:54 am #
Be loud anf Firm. Best way to get it done the quickest.
Homepage 06.18.07 - 8:37 pm #
Arrogant civil servants can be a real pain in the ass. Some of them just have to act like they are important, at everyone else's expense.
Homepage 06.18.07 - 6:56 pm #
Just don't get yourself killed Keesie.Happy Father's Day by the way.
Homepage 06.18.07 - 5:03 am #
That is frigging awful! I think you handled it well.
Homepage 06.18.07 - 3:07 am #

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