22 June 2007


Cool ...... or not?

I suppose the Chairman of the American Masturbators Orginisation is called the Head Wanker
"Mmmmm what can we do with all those surplus latex gloves?"
RobC Homepage 06.24.07 - 9:59 pm #
No, I think the 'Head Wanker' title belongs to the chief of a San Francisco union...
GUYK Homepage 06.24.07 - 3:53 pm #
So would the Chairman be Vman???
Maeve Homepage 06.24.07 - 6:44 am #
I see the glove, I see the wash pad to clean up afterwards. Does it only work for dry runs?
ralphd00d Homepage 06.22.07 - 8:00 pm #
Wonder if my local drug store is going to stock this item?
LeeAnn 06.22.07 - 7:31 pm #

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