13 May 2007


Two memes plus another

Number 2 from Cool Tall Drink of Water
7 Things Meme

As I am a shit memer I will contrast me to her.
She Said:
1. I am a nail biter.
2. I talk in my sleep.
3. I have several dreams every night.
4. I have never dyed my hair.
5. I have a fear of losing my teeth.
6. I don't like to have a whole lot of ice in my iced drinks.
7. I sleep with a lot of pillows.

KeesKennis says.
1. I don't bite my nails. They grow to obscene lenghts until the Cat's Mother corners me and I have to cut them.
2. I don't talk in my sleep. If I did I would drive my close family crazy. But I schnore.
3. I never have dreams. My life is weird enough.
4. I have dyed my hair an uncountable number of times. Green, Blue, Red like Eric and Blonde like Chickie, and raven black like Maeve, and many more hues.
5. I have no fear of losing my teeth. I am 54 this year and I have all my teeth except 4. The rest are mostly dead, or shells, but I believe that if I could I will be chewing biltong (jerky) at my funeral party.
6. I do like to have a whole lot of ice in my iced drinks. More ice means less mixer, and that gets me drunk more quickly. "That's the truth - The Cat's Mother (TCM)."
7. I sleep with 2 pillows. The pillows for other bedtime activities are stacked next to the bed.
I am mostly thinking of pillow fights here. "Yeah right. - TCM."

8. I wear skants.

9. I sleep in the nude.
10. i will plead the 5th anyday.

Number 1 from The Dying Dog. (6 posts in as many months - or something like that)
Blogs that make me think meme.

I like thinking. And I thank the Dead Dog for the thought.

But this meme has run its course.

I responded the first time I was tagged here

Thanks K9, I liked your tag.


Have you known any Very BiG Persons?
I have a big belly in front of me at all times.

From an Afrikaans poem.

As Tant Sannie straat af loop
Se die padmakers
Dank die Heer
En sit hul sware stampers neer.

When Sannie walks down the street
The workers don't have the need for all the heavy equipment as Sannie does the deed.

My contribution:
I saw an extremely big woman walking off the end of a ship, dead drunk.
The ship SOS'd and turned around, we found her, 2 hours later; happily floating on her back and singing hymns, a normal sized person would have succumbed to the cold water.
Also her muscles that carted around this heavy body were more than ample to handle the lighter body, due to the displacement by the sea water. S'truth - Kees assures me - TCM.

My whole bloggroll in order that they (love) link me (according to eXTReme Tracking from 22 Feb this year) is tagged.

Blind Rex. Let us all join in buying him some accuracy.
Blob the shitshooter. Hey when I am going to win again?
This Fish needs a bicycle, an extraordaniry tale.
I landed on this this site somehow???? and left a comment and a link to this, I have had 119 visits from that comment. Thanks Fish, sorry that I am happily married and far too old.
The very Special "MrsJoseGlodbloom" Mr Jose, please take care, she is special cargo.
The overseas blade, Eric Just behave oraaait.
The SuperSensative Eli the Bearded , You can't behave, just coooool it, OK.
The modulator at the Friday Ark , 'drift further brother.'
Dead Dog Walking , yawn and scratch.
Guyk, catch more.
Mostly Cajun, allow comments please.
Ralphd00d, more boooobs and beeeer, please.
Jayne. Eli (and other fast bikers) will like this, some yet-to-learn Americans will dislike it.
Q: Jayne, why do Harley Davidson drivers wear thongs on their arms?
A: So that they can know when they are moving as apposed to just hearing NOISE (patented or not)

Q: What is the biggest problem after a ride on a Harley Davidson?
A: Cleaning the back of your helmet from insect hits.

My Witch, You just look after Puddin, OK.
Mostly Dazd, but not really.
Very Bad Juju, you would say, until you read his blog.
Everything looks like a nail, unless you are a hammer, with or without lipstick.
Walrilla the Man, marches forward.
Rob and his angels, are still visiting me.
Heartless Bitches, another strange tale, I linked on that site to big penises on my site.
Mohawk Chief, in a modern setting.
Sam Moore from patching something or other.
The crap cat carnival. You'd better believe it
Le Froth. You won't believe it.
DOF. Decrepit, Old, No fool.
Cro Magnon in Modern Times, might that be Pro Magnum, makes you worry about homo as in homo sapiens.

I thinks "that works well"

Spineless, more than one person have called me that, and landed on his or her spider.
Nancy. A true Lady.
Birds for the.
ab5sy, amazing.
JimPRS. Can he speak English? Like I can understand.

So that concludes the first page.

For the others that visit me via Site Meter, Technorati, Search and other means, like the yoos Elisson and Erica and are not mentioned, but still make up a lot of my hits, you are still tagged.

Of course the more you link to me the more you will be able to partake in my stupid memes.
Vote early and vote often.


IF YOU DON'T HAVE A SITE AND WANT TO CONTRIBUTE, EMAIL ME AT niculuguru@yahoo.com and I will email you the keys so that you can post your contribution here.



Every single bit of you, if you comment.

A jeni'ine kweery.
Do I post too much nakedness?

I HAVE to respond! Eli loves his bikes that sound like sewing machines on roids. I like my bikes to SOUND like a decent bike! The Hog has power that has left many a motorist here thinking WTF? (ner ner ner)
Jayne Homepage 05.15.07 - 8:39 am #
Oh, how could I forget, re: "JimPRS. Can he speak English? Like I can understand."The answer to that would be: No.
And he does it in a funny accent, too. Heh, fell right into that one.
Erica Homepage 05.15.07 - 12:25 am #

KK: Thank's Erica, I have been there once for three days, I have a fu*cking senior certificate that tells me that I can speak da lingo, I could not order a fu*cking beer.

Dammit, Kees, I'm running out of eyebleach...
BobG Homepage 05.14.07 - 6:39 pm #

Note to self. Hit the gym tonight!
Vipergirl 05.14.07 - 5:37 pm #
KK: Welcome to this mad place ViperGirl

Goodness, that makes me feel so much better about myself.
Erica Homepage 05.14.07 - 6:33 am #

Ass for days...
Elisson Homepage 05.14.07 - 12:32 am #
I'm with LeeAnn - yikes!
Chickie Homepage 05.13.07 - 11:32 pm #


You could have left that picture out!

LeeAnn 05.13.07 - 8:42 pm #

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