11 May 2007


Mystery Stuff

Le Froth describes it as below.

"------. Stop. Now. How much blasted grass and tree ------ can y’all spit out? Why? You’re all growed and green already. You’re lush and verdant and all those happyass adjectives that inform a happyass lush and verdant landscape. Give me a bit of dessicated and dry for a second. (Disclaimer-no not really. Please. Fires. Dead plants and animals. Whatever. I’m kidding. Gimme a break.) There is no more room for your current ------. Sorta like illegal immigration. Especially in my -------. It’s last call for my head, plants. It’s going to explode long before it can spew green and turn around a la Linda Blair. I have an internal green plaster cast of my boneology waiting to chunk slowly out, or grow my cranial specs to Ripley proportions. Stop now. Please."

Can you tell or did you have to look at Froth's place.

Keesie, this is the sweetest thing. Thanks for the REMINDER! GAH!!! They aren't half bad-looking though when you think about it. Except they ain't all green and boogery in your pretty pic.
Kim Homepage 05.13.07 - 5:31 pm #
Elisson Homepage 05.11.07 - 9:09 pm #
I hate them MF's too. Right now they got me eyes waterin' and nose runnin' with no end in sight. OTC drugs don't help much either...

ralphd00d Homepage 05.11.07 - 8:33 pm #
Definitely pollen; I recognize some of those from my time at a microscope.

BobG Homepage 05.11.07 - 6:31 pm #
nothing is worse than those damn sweetgum balls.
Rex Homepage 05.11.07 - 3:21 pm #

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