15 May 2007



Bonita and Bonnie, so cute,

Keesie in that era.
If I had known them I would have combed my hair and the stood on my head for them, cos that is what I did to impress, then.
Mostly I still do that. I have not grown up much, thank god.
Now I know Bonita, thru the internet, and read her blog every day, so should you.
She has grown up somewhat, but woman have to, to look after their men, I suppose.
Thank god for women.
If you had been in kindergarden with me, and we'd been sitting across from one another at a desk...I'd untie your shoelaces with my toes. I actually won my 'first love' that way....and you'd be a sparkle in my eyes!
Bonita Homepage 05.16.07 - 2:58 am #

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