07 May 2007


I don't think its working

This is advertised as an "Get slim quick" method.
This could be my 'BEFORE' pic & your next post could be my 'AFTER' pic!, I'm trying to lose weight. 2.2kg this week. I miss my hot buttered toast & marmalade!
Jayne Homepage 05.09.07 - 12:17 pm #


"This is advertised as an "Get slim quick" method."

It's working! I just lost my appetite!

BobG Homepage 05.08.07 - 4:34 pm #

Maybe it is to be eaten, instead of laid in...

ralphd00d Homepage 05.07.07 - 9:11 pm #
I'm scared.

Chickie Homepage 05.07.07 - 8:00 pm #
No telling what they looked like before the treatment.
hammer Homepage 05.07.07 - 3:59 pm #

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