12 May 2007


Fatties in the nude

Cowboy Blob gave us this.

My brain led to this.

I don't think the donkey is strong enough.




hahaha! Need a team of donks for that dude.

hammer Homepage 05.12.07 - 4:29 pm #


From The Cowboys Comments:

Rodney Dill said...
Ted Kennedy, still not having much luck around water.
3:07 AM
John D said...
You can lead a donkey to water, but you can't make him drink...especially if there's a fat, sweaty, naked guy in it.
10:43 AM
Harry L said...
As the Donkey got older, he really learned to dislike bathing with Pedro.
11:53 AM
Anonymous said...
Charlie Rangel scores a little piece of ass.
12:23 PM
Anonymous said...
Or make that Al Sharpton
12:24 PM
Wyatt Earp said...
In an effort to confuse the INS and DEA, Mexican drug lords attempt to use real mules to cross the Rio Grande.
1:21 PM
Lil Bro said...
The true picture of the John Murtha power struggle over the Democratic Party.
3:25 PM
skywriter said...
Part of President Bush's "NO JUAN LEFT BEHIND" program, Mr. Valdez and his four legged companion begin their trek north into the U.S.
3:50 PM
Deathlok said...
Questions remain as to whether or not the boy was whipping the right ass.
4:37 PM
Rodney Dill said...
Cowboy Blob usually has trouble keeping his ass out of hot water.
6:33 AM
Serr8d said...
Mornin', Cowboy!Here's my
6:48 AM
Tam said...
The caption's a gimme:"DO NOT WANT!"
7:41 AM


This from serr8d


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