10 May 2007


Does this ...

... turn you ON or OFF?

Her name is Johanna Thomas.
Weird as it may seem it is a pron site.

ON! I love a woman who can take a good punchin. I'd box the compass with her, and then some.
Bane Homepage 05.16.07 - 6:29 am #
OFF. All the way off. Tell me she/he/it is a Photoshop project...
Winston Homepage 05.11.07 - 5:37 am #
One word...NASTY!
Becky Homepage 05.11.07 - 4:04 am #
I like amazon ladies, but when they look like they could bench press me, it becomes a little frightening...
BobG Homepage 05.10.07 - 6:47 pm #
Off...bad enough to see this once but you have it posted twice!
LeeAnn 05.10.07 - 6:19 pm #

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