07 April 2007


A Warning for Guyk

AS you know Guyk is buying a trailer, what I would call a caravan, like this.

I am, as a general warning to all peeps sleeping in trailers , reposting this story.

Please be careful and fit the struts carefully.


The History

KeesKennis was 22 years old and hanging around in a country now called Namibia.
He was hunting when such jobs was available otherwise he would be bar tendering.

The Scene

KeesKennis was looking after a bar in Outjo, a very small town.
He had a new friend, Allen, a 26 year old guy which stood 6' 4" and was just as horny as KK.
Outjo offered very little and all the fathers were armed.

The coincidence

Something slightly bigger than this, it had a bedroom at either end.

A small caravan with 2 Gypsy fortune tellers had moved into town and was parked outside my hotel.
Actually the one was a Brit and about 45 years old and the other about 35 years of age came from Belgium.

It was 2 days before the weekend and the town and the hotel was very quiet.

The Story

The four of us started drinking.
We paired off, oldest male to oldest female and the young ones together.
The owner of the hotel did not like doodling by staff so the four of us ended up at the caravan.
We had another couple of drinks and repaired north and south, about 10 feet apart.
Mindful of the others not a lot was said.
After a while the caravan started to rock slowly with a regular north/south beat, very enjoyable.
The rocking got more violent as is wont but the weight ratio was biding its time.

A badly inserted strut gave way on the heavy end and KK and the Belgium gypsy was catapulted to the wall, still locked in that age old embrace.
As we slid to the floor we did manage to disengage.

Shocked silence all round, and then laughter.

We finished the coitus the next evening.
You guess what "bad" word that is linked to?


Warning? That is so not a warning! That is completely egging him on!But it is a hilarious story.

Rosie Homepage 04.10.07 - 4:07 am #

I've still got my sign to hang on the door.."DON'T COME KNOCKIN' WHEN THE TRAILER IS A ROCKIN'"

GUYK Homepage 04.08.07 - 3:53 pm #

Did the caravan tip over or roll away?That is funny as hell. I always liked coitus. It sounds better than fornication
hammer Homepage 04.07.07 - 5:46 pm #

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