26 April 2007


One square - Is it possible

Take one square of toilet paper.
Carefully fold it in quarters.
Then on the inside corner (not edges, please), tear out a little finger nail sized piece of the square and carefully save it.
Open the square, and insert your middle finger in the hole, which is now in the center of the toilet paper square.
Proceed to wipe yourself, using your middle finger.
Then, folding the sheet of toilet paper about your middle finger, cleanse your middle finger and throw away the used sheet.
Now, take the thumb-nail sized piece of paper torn out and saved. Use the intact corner to cleanse under your middle finger nail.

Sheryl Crow take note.
I was looking for this joke on the internets and found it at Sixth Column, so I didn't have to translate and type it myself.

So I suppose a crime like making a TP fountain is a capital offence nowadays.

Why, it appears that you have been reading "Ask Mr. Debonair" again!
Elisson Homepage 04.26.07 - 6:39 pm #
I was told that 'trick' years ago by a guy who'd been in the army. It never really appealed to me to do it tho, so I'll sommer keep on polluting the planet!
Jayne Homepage 04.26.07 - 12:19 pm #

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