01 April 2007


Caption Contest

At Brainfuel TV

You know these Caption contests mean that you actually understand the picture and then analyze the whole situation and then leave a pithy or soul searching CAPTION.

Now that challenges my non existent brain powers.

I just photoshop the image into one that I know the caption to and then submit same, uninvited

Brainfuel gave his contestants this.

I submitted this with apologies.

On a photoshop note, it is always good to cover your blemishes with some lettering, OK.




We're going to pick up some chicks!

hammer Homepage 04.01.07 - 10:59 pm #


I think my caption would be:"And nobody guesses we're the same age! Hrumph!"

KarenMcL Homepage 04.01.07 - 9:38 pm #


KK: Yes Karen,

We are about at that age.

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