01 April 2007


Caption Contest II

OK, so one and a half only.
Caption and Photoshop contest at The Gone Rick Motel
And Caption Contest at Electric Venom
As I said Before:
You know these Caption contests mean that you actually understand the picture and then analyze the whole situation and then leave a pithy or soul searching CAPTION.
Now that challenges my non existent brain powers.
I just photoshop the image into one that I know the caption to and then submit same, uninvited
In this case my preconceived answers were the same for both.

From The gone rick motel ( cheaper rate per hour than anywhere) "help their aim"

The above picie was Spewed by Venomous Kate and she asked me to caption it.

I do not know the artist from a bar of soap, any references to what he is singing will go to waste, as I only listen to Classical music.

So here goes, for both.

Under Hillary, would that be considered threatening, inquiring minds need to know.


He's the current "favorite" wanker/contestant on the karaoke tv show "American Idol". From what I hear, his "singing" is as bad as his hairdo....

Mohawk Chieftain Homepage 04.03.07 - 8:41 pm #


Maybe it would be a shorter list to hear who didn't have the same thought...

BobG Homepage 04.02.07 - 4:42 pm #

I was thinking the same thing about that guy.... I guess it is true that great minds think alike.
holder Homepage 04.01.07 - 9:51 pm #

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