28 April 2007



Of electric fences.

The above photo has effall to do with electric fences.
She is a chickie that got caught driving drunk, check Smoking Gun.

It is very much like the news on any TV outlet that my little package ($100, no choice) let me see.

Shadowscope has a point, but only one, of many.
Our life, has/have gotten away from us.
20 years ago I was fighting communism and I knew where I were at all times.
Tonight I watched the JKS (Japan Karate Shokokai), or something like that, and one youngster hit his opponent on the nose by accident, I mean, by god, they were fighting, and was expelled in disgrace.
I remembered, with glee, the years where Piet Fourie and myself would wait outside the dojo where the local karate classes were held, and nobody came out, because they were afraid of us.
That was mean.
Small minded.
and a lot of other negative shit.
We are soooo sensitive today that a father can spend jail time because a teacher mentions that his son/daughter is sexually SENSITIVE, you know, like, I mean.
I call bullshit.
The present American political discourse, that is parting ways in more ways than one is a case in point.
Good manners is essential as is demonstrated here. (Not Safe for Humans) ( just scroll down)
The above linkage shows a Chinese woman executed with a shot to the back of the head.
As a whole, how far have we come down the line of the sanctity of life?
Not very far.
Specific sections, IE. the western Christians, Jewish, Hindi and Buddhist, and some others, and mostly western non believers (atheist or others), have embraced that.
We have scored no points.
The hard core religious fucks are out killing and out convincing us peaceniks.
This Kees have lived with enough hardcore Muslims and other fucks to know when to call halt and call out the dogs of war.
However I believe we can live through the Muslim rage, cos we actually have a superior killing ratio, and will subdue them in the end. (hope above all hopes).
The Chinese (read communist) will drown us in pure numbers unless we start fighting now, prepare to push @%^& for English.
Hope you all sleep well.
Kees dear, is that Sanjay's mother? Oh. Maybe you don't get American Idol way over there...
Bonita Homepage 04.30.07 - 9:56 pm #
My hair looked just like that when I woke up this morning, for some reason I dreamed my dog was chasing me around the house with a giant dildo in its' mouth.
Rex Homepage 04.30.07 - 2:08 am #

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