08 March 2007


Trust your Ellie

Looks cool and I would like to try that someday on a stuffed elephant.

Before it became Non PC I rode on an elephant at the Johannesburg Zoo.


It was once though the African elephant was untrainable, now they pay their own way in several places by giving tourists the ride of their lives. That remind me... another thing to put on my wishlist... "Take an Elephant ride and visit Chobe"
RobC Homepage 03.09.07 - 8:05 pm #

Hello Keesy, I was just in Botswana and I have some really cool pics of myself leading an Elephant, having my hat taken off by an Elephant and having three elephant trunks on my head and should! As soon as I have them downloaded I will send them to you for your blog!Lots and lots and lots and lots of love to you and the Cat's Mother!
Melissa Homepage 03.09.07 - 4:52 pm #

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