03 March 2007


Bird food

Maribou Stork and Vulture squabling over a piece of meat.
They look rather hung over and dirty.
I wouldn't like to be bitten by either of them.

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My money is on the stork
hammer Homepage 03.03.07 - 9:47 pm #

Just noticed that I can't spell!
LeeAnn 03.03.07 - 8:06 pm #

Never noticed that vulgars wear pants.
LeeAnn 03.03.07 - 8:04 pm #

No Lisa, See The horn, it is either a buff or most probably a wildebeest skull and neck, my bet. Go and play in the snow with P KK and report back.
KeesKennis Homepage 03.03.07 - 7:57 pm #

Looks like they are eating another bird - cannibals!
Lisa W. Homepage 03.03.07 - 6:16 pm #

They are vulgar by nature, and he does have a nice pair off winter woolies on.

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