08 March 2007


Has someone been bothering you

Like when his razor sharp wit takes you down.

Splash all over yourself and be safe.


When I was a snot nosed yougster, farmers used lion shit to keep dogs out of their veggie gardens, and it worked.

Many years later a neighbour in the town that we were living in then, tried lion shit to keep the dogs out of his garbage bags, but the town dogs had no fear of the smell as they did not know what it was.

Humans are different we fear what we know and that what we don't know.
It usually costs an extra $50 to get a golden shower...now they have the at home version.
hammer Homepage 03.08.07 - 9:15 am #

All that stuff would do around here is make half the neighborhood dogs start humping your leg.
BobG Homepage 03.08.07 - 6:28 pm #

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