17 March 2007


Get to know your Kees - Jehovah's Witnesses

I left the following story in abbreviated form in the comments at Maeve's Palace (Get well soon ) and I think it was the primary reason that I got Baboon Knowledge onto her blogroll.

The time of the story is so long ago that my youngest pumkin was still in primary school.

My late wife and I was living in the beautiful town of Houtbay on the Cape peninsula in SA.
We had a lovely 60 year old house that was built into the mountain and offered views in all directions.

Then, like now, I was a person that slept only 4 to 5 hours a night, and was up early one Sunday morning.
The rest of my family was still snoring in bed.

The Story.

As I gazed out off the living room window I saw a young man in a suit and two impeccably dressed young woman walking up the steep street where I lived.
Knowing that they were from the Jehovah's Witnesses and that I have told them before that I would put my dog on them, if they called again, I planned my attack.

As is my wont I do my early morning coffee drinking and TV in my briefs. So it was about 3 seconds to get naked.
Next I found a rag doll that belonged to my youngest.
A half empty bottle of brandy was my next pickup.

The bell rings.

With the rag doll tucked under my arm and, the now opened bottle of brandy in my hand, I open the door, completely naked.

"Good morning Ladies and Gentleman, please come in"

"Gurgle, splutter, splutter .... EVVIIIIILLL"

I took a step down and opened my arms in a big welcome hug.

Nobody to be seen, the only sight was that of my small gate broken, opened the wrong way and now swinging on one hinge.

The whole street was marked as a no go zone after that and we all lived in peace.

Some brave neighbors actually thanked me, without referring to the incident.


WHY THE DOOR TO DOOR METHOD?The reason the watchtower corporation orders their Jehovah's witnesses members to intrude door to door is because in the beginning their leader Joseph Rutherford (who himself never went door to door) knew that this cold-calling tactic would get them recognition and "persecution" as pesky.If they can get "persecuted" by picking fights then he can say they are 'persecuted for Jesus'. Are they knocking on your door?~Danny Haszard expert witness on the Jehovah WitnessDanny Haszard Homepage 03.18.07 - 10:41 am #

Your pictures lured me in and your stories made me laugh.I've never regretted putting you on my blog roll.Maeve 03.18.07 - 4:56 am #

See, this is why we love you keesie...Lisa W. Homepage 03.18.07 - 3:26 am #

lol they proably switched religions after that.hammer Homepage 03.18.07 - 1:24 am #

Ha! A kindred spirit. I was in college and answered the door in my boxers with a pyramid of beer cans on the table behind me. Ma was a Sunday school teacher, so I traded scriptures with them until they freaked and ran.K-nine Homepage 03.18.07 - 12:56 am #

Love it.LeeAnn 03.18.07 - 12:39 am #

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