06 March 2007


Designer food

This is a Bloukop koggelmander or Blue Head Agama lizard
I grew up with plenty of these around.
They make good pets.

This smart piccie from here.

Friday Ark is coming up on Friday (duh) at the Modulator (duh), post your pet posts to there.


Pretty little bugger, isn't he?
Homepage 03.07.07 - 7:26 pm #

What a darling little lizzard.
Maeve 03.07.07 - 4:53 pm

I was walking through a field once when I was a kid and one of those ran up my back and perched itself on top of my head. It was very tame and was an escaped pet I suppose.I let it go because I had nowhere to keep it.
Homepage 03.06.07 - 4:01 pm #

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