14 March 2007


Asking Eric not to burn his jeans

I believe they can be given to someone poor, like this girl above, and we can all look forward to them aging some more and getting more holy.


My eyeballs are still throbbing.Cappy Homepage 03.15.07 - 4:57 am #

This is Africa, right? I'm SOOO on the next plane...rsm Homepage 03.15.07 - 3:41 am #

Yep...tis a sad sight! A young woman working on that Plumber's Crack at such an early age!(My Daughter's are beginning to exhibit that same *fault line* - they must be Prevented from enrolling in the Plumber's Union till they are old enough! Hehehehe.)KarenMcL Homepage 03.14.07 - 11:53 pm #

Her mother must have never explained to her what the word "tacky" means.BobG Homepage 03.14.07 - 6:07 pm #

... that poor, poor lass..... my heart goes out to her and her hard times.....

Eric Homepage 03.14.07 - 2:23 pm #

Did those jeans get into a fight with a lawn mower?
hammer Homepage 03.14.07 - 1:14 pm #

Eric's a pretty giving, helpful guy; I'm sure if he knew of this girl's predicatment, he'd be the first to jump right on that and help.
Lisa W. Homepage 03.14.07 - 1:12 pm #

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