01 March 2007



A big THANK YOU to all my readers, commenter's and linkers.

And the guy who broke the tape is someone from MOSTLY CAJUN

All these wonderful hits in 317 days.

At 4.4 minutes per hit you guys & dolls have wasted 1467 hours collectively.

Thank You

I have enjoyed every minute of this.

Please come again and again.


Congrats! Glad I played a little part in it all.You're doing great! I gotta stop by every day to see what's happening next.
MCmostly cajun Homepage 03.01.07 - 11:15 pm #

Congratulations Keesie...it's fun to "waste" time here.
Lisa W. Homepage 03.01.07 - 9:14 pm #

Congrats! and yes it is fun.
Dazd Homepage 03.01.07 - 8:12 pm #

Elisson Homepage 03.06.07 - 3:30 am #

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