16 February 2007


Comment and spammers

Hi all my beloved and fabulous readers and commenters.
Haloscan comments is now in operation although it does not show when a comment has been added. ???????????????? UPDATE : IT IS JUST SLOW.
Blogger comments have been disabled.
Keep on commenting and reading

To you filthy, despicable, spammers out there:

I will hunt you down.

And squeeze the shit out of you.
Photo Vearl

Until (viewer discretion advised)

You look like this.



... if you catch one, I WILL come to Africa to help.....

Eric Homepage 02.20.07 - 5:32 pm #


Bejus.....between you (oy), Jim Hooker's post about a Chinese ghost (freaky), and these crazy pics of a man severed in two Catfish sent me today (barf), I'll never sleep in peace again.
Erica Homepage 02.18.07 - 1:35 am #


If you catch 'em, let me at 'em, too Kees!
Lisa W. Homepage 02.16.07 - 8:58 pm #


Whoa.....someone is just a little bit upset! Something you plan on sending to V-man?
LeeAnn 02.16.07 - 6:37 pm #


Get 'em Keesie!
Maeve Homepage 02.16.07 - 4:42 pm #

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