27 February 2007


Claxton Herald

Mister Jack Bibby displays the form that earned him a world record.

His record is holding 10 , 24 inch, western diamondbacks in his mouth.

Mr. Bibby said he is feeling in his water that the record is about to be smashed in the upcoming madness in Claxton.

"Have these m a d m e n ever considered what they do to a true performer like me" he said and wiped away a tear.

Oscar Wilde reporting.


F*ck I wish I could be there.

Kees is not above playing with snakes. In my wild youth I mostly killed them but since then I have lost most of my primal fear.
I have spent hours with friend's Cobras and Mambas and of course I often have encounters in the bush.

Where have I seen a Bowler like that, I wonder.

Cape Cobra



Hell, I grew up that rattlers are camp meat when you're out hiking. They make a good lunch. You just skin and clean them, and wind them on a stick to roast over the coals. They're tasty.
BobG Homepage 02.28.07 - 6:43 pm #

Oh my god....I really don't like snakes that can kill me or cause a great deal of pain.
LeeAnn 02.27.07 - 5:53 pm #

Insane. I hope they get paid well.
hammer Homepage 02.27.07 - 4:43 pm #

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