22 February 2007


The beauty of the lack of colour

I posted about an albino deer here, but that looked freakish, this is just plain stunning.

And to think we like peacocks for their colour.

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My Hubbie's Aunt raise peacocks and had an albino peahen. Their normal male peacock was *smitten* by her white beauty...but she never had any interest in him and wouldn't let him woo her or get near her. I wondered what an albino would look like - and this is a FAB picture.
karenmcl Homepage 02.26.07 - 11:00 pm #

I believe I now prefer the white peacock over the colored....beautiful.
LeeAnn 02.22.07 - 7:44 pm #

I have a friend in Llano, Tx who has several albino peahens and peacocks on his ranch. The tailfeathers on his seem to be a little more grey and you can make out the "eyeball" pattern in white and grey.
K-nine Homepage 02.22.07 - 7:37 pm #

What a beautiful animal!
Lisa W. Homepage 02.25.07 - 6:32 am #

My, my...that is most beautiful.
Erica Homepage 02.25.07 - 5:15 am #

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