09 November 2006


Falling gracefully

My cousin Robyn

What a cutie!!
OMG Kees She's adorable. It is kinda fun to watch a baby maneuver their little uncoordinated bodies around.
What a little cutie....love the pink bow and glasses.
Cute kid.

My 5 month old neice just did that but right off the couch.

Good thing babies tend to bounce.
Whoa. *awwww factor* 10.
Cute overload. Love it. What a sweetie.
... I'm a sucker for a gal in glasses...

... and incidentally, I did a very similar maneuver last night after a very large gin and tonic....

She has panache!
Why, I've been known to perform that exact same maneuver!

Cute, cute kiddo...
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