04 October 2006


Starter pack

So you have this nice big farm and lodge and you want to introduce lions to attract more customers.

Then you realise that starting a breeding herd of antelope or wildebeest will cost much more than the lions.

What to do?

Introduce warthogs, real cuddly little things.

That is your answer. They are cheap and breed like err well hogs.

That way you can use the money from the lions to introduce other animals.

If you are succesful and make a killing.

Vultures will soon show up, as in human life.
The wild hogs in South Texas are pretty bad I've seen some upwards of 600 pounds. Maybe we could use a few lions ourselves.

These boars are tough. One of them attacked my fathers dogs and it took 20 rounds of 357 mag to bring it down. Might give the lions a run for their money.
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