04 October 2006


Forty minus

Who of my forty minus readers can name the car?

A friend of mine bought a wreck for 150 rand (then about 220 USD).
I helped him to get it on the road.
It was a chick magnet.
You had to have a place to go to as their was no space inside (not for two couples anyway).

Yes the SA Rand was R0.67 to the USD at that time, Now I use R7.70 to buy 1 USD.

Nevermaaaind the TL was good, clean and healthy fun.

It must be the best looking car of that era.

My instinct to help this friend paid heavy dividends over the guy that wanted me to help him with his dad's old Austin

As BobG points out the photo came from View From The Porch and from this post. Thanks Bob
I did not get it from there but the person who emailed me might have.
Thanks Tamara K
Isn't that just a VW frame with a car kit body?
That's a Talbot-Lago replica on (probably) a VW chassis.

It has Florida license plates.

I downloaded the picture six years ago from Car & Driver's website, where it had been posted by the car's owner, who resides in Florida, USA.
Incidentally, there are only sixteen real Talbot-Lago Figoni et Falaschi "Teardrops" in the world.

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