08 October 2006


Family arguments

We have a fairly easy come, easy go attitude in and about the Kees household.
The other day I received a call from uncle Kees.
I did not understand it all, he was rumbling on about morals and sticking to one's roots, whatever that means.

For the next 3 weeks I am booked up completely and can't go to see him as he requires.
I am now looking for volunteers to go to him on my behalf to talk about how the older people should let go, or eff off, and give the young ones a chance.

Please volunteer in the comments and find an introductory photo of my uncle's Kees, Nymph and Klept.

I do hope all you brave people out there will be willing to spend a few seconds explaining my and your liberal views.

A personal note of thanks to my Irish granny, Gran O' Maniac for the photo's.

PS: Please let us know, so that we can get the organist to know, your favourite song.

Uncle's Kees, Nymph and Klept, may your soul rest in pieces.


That looks a lot like my first wife's family...

# posted by mostly cajun : 08 October, 2006

That looks a lot like my first wife's family...

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