04 October 2006


A busy Kees

500 posts in 170 days.
Averaging 2.96 posts per day.

Does this prove that I have no life?

EFF no.
EFF yes.

Dahlonega, is a city in the USA and this unamed person from there, was the first to view my 500th post.
What a genius and clever person that is.

MY first picture and first post.


My first comment
On this post/picture

How's that for posing.
He most probably believes that he is a candidate for the Monkey-pit
The photo was taken in the Manyara conservation area.


velociman said...
He's in.

And as it is the Vman I must repeat my first post where I use actual words.

Got it right at last

Last Night I tried the same thing more than a hundred times and it did not work.
Ignorance knows no boundries

Here is a nice sunset in Zanzibar.
The two deer/antelope look like their molded from shit, and the monkey gives new meaning to the term "blue balls".
hmmm... d-town, Georgia.... aren't that many of us from there... hmmm... And I have my own Namibian to hang around. Coincidence?
Love the sunset! The monkey needs pants. :P
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