05 September 2006


Snuffle, snuffle.......Truffle

What does truffle taste like?
Does it have a smell?
Why is it sought after?
Misty might want to answer.
I will also give Twenty a chance.

Sounds odd to me that a pig can find it.
Is it some kind of worm?
Truffles have a taste that is... well, like truffles...

Once tasted never forgotten, even if you love them or loathe them.

I'd describe them as tasting of oak, garlic, woods, mushrooms and raw sex.

I like truffles ;)
Oh, and in answer to the other questions - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truffle
Thanks Dear,
Now we know.
Will you feed me some if I visit?
Truffles are trees bollocks.
Twenty major: So that's how they seed?
If I can afford them or find some, certainly ;)

Raw sex? gee Misty never had it cooked!
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