05 September 2006


I wuz robbed

To the guys that stole my slingbag

They made me look like a real dick.

The story
I returned to my parked vehicle and unlocked the drivers door.
In modern cars all doors are now unlocked.
I take my slingbag from my shoulder and reach over to put it on the passenger seat.
As I ready myself to heave into the drivers seat about 5 young men start tugging on my arm and shouting, My Friend, My friend .....
This goes on for about 5 seconds and they all run away.
I get into the vehicle and proceed to start.
Then I notice the empty seat next to me.
No slingbag.
No money.
No passport.
No cellphone.
No housekey.
No keys for the Cat's Mother car.
All gone with the bag, taken thru the unlocked passenger door.

What was muttered and said will never be printable.
Caught like a flippen greenhorn.
Kees, sorry to hear about the robbery...any leads?

Lisa I did not even report it to the police.
I was in a place notorious for such things and did not take the necessary precautions.

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