13 September 2006


Conflict in the Serengeti

All bristtle and no fight.
Cheetahs have been giving up their kills for centuries.

It is all a matter of timing.
If they are more than two, they get the kill.

No lefty, democratic, socialist humans to screw thing up.

Things work well.

Please run that pass me again mr. Kennedy.
You mean that I am compelled to leave 53.792% of the entrails and 13.25% of the fillet for the "£$%^&* jackall's.
Oh! and that is not all.
Tell me more.
My kid's must go to the VULTURE School?
Fuck off soonest, please before I act like a Honey Badger and feast on your balls.
OH! you haven't any.
OK I'll just bite your ankle's as you run away, OK.

Photos By Vearl
LMAO! You are hoot!
Gad, you are too funny. Love it.
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