24 August 2006


Touring on the cheap

Me and Esta on a tour thru SA.
We did 3800 km on this trip.
The bike is a Kawa 400 ES (electric start)
I welded together the Sissy rest and carrier.
Esta read with her book against my back while we were traveling.
I think this photo was taken in Kempton Park.
This picture most probably captures 95% of our wordly belongings.
I doubt whether either of us had a bank account.
Our collective wallets would not have held more than 100 dollars.
The bike is covered in a golden goo that was supposed to stop rust.
I did that goo bit so that I didn't have to wash the damn thing, so it got washed when it rained.
We had wonderful times.
Looks like you both were so happy!
I never saw a Kawa unless you mean that Rice burner kawasaki or whatever. I had a Commie bike one time..A Jawa 350 twin two cycle. It would scream but had a wet clutch and took too damn much to maintain
Yay, for goo! ;)
I imagine that created a lot of great memories.
My favourite was my 750 twin Kawa... may not have had the speed of the fours but it could do 140 uphill! Used to catch up with all my mates in the passes... Then I had a 900 as well... what a pig!
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