23 August 2006


Thank you all

Back Row:
Lana, the sister older than me
Buzz, Lana's husband
Your's truly
Carel, my younger brother

Kid's standing:
Tertia my kid sister
Hennie-Boshoff, my kid brother

Peter, Gerda's husband
Gerda, my oldest sibling

I know they join me in thanking everybody that thought about our mother.

Thank you all.

I do not know the date of this photo.
So for you to date it here is a pic of Peter now.

No photoshop, he posted it himself on his blog
Thanks for the pictures. I like that one shot of you with all the hair and the beard. Looks like you might have just come in from the bush
Yes Guyk
There is an old saying that goes like this.
"They can take Keesie out of the bush, they will never succeed in taking the bush out of Keesie"
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