01 August 2006


Relax, it won't hurt as much if you relax

About the whole contraption Kees knows nothing.
He however knows about padlocks and genitals.
All this knowledge is secondhand though.
Tempe, the military training ground in Bloemfontein houses a lot of military camps as well as a well fenced school for wayward girls (those too old for normal schools, but too young for prison, yet)
We were well warned.
On the parade ground. "If you try to put your thingamabob in there, THEY will drop a big cccc padlock around your personals."
THEY, these girls, were known as the TEMPE TIGERS.
A Challenge???
I remember the anguish as a hardened steel padlock was sawn off over 14 hours.
It takes 14 hours as the sawing had to be slow to keep the heat down.
Too much handling down there gets the blood rushing and that leads to other complication's.
It hurts.
Of course I only saw this I never, never experienced it.
LOL... the school has moved to Fichardt Park, around 20 years ago if I remember correctley, they are still called Tempe Tigers though...
Dang...that looks...interesting?
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