23 August 2006


My first blogmeet

Melissa was there from Wilderness Girls with the Cat's Mother showing her latest dental work in the foreground.
(Shit, that is going to hurt)

That promted Melissa to torture Princess to show me her dental bits.
I concur, they do not come cheaply.
(Shit, that is going to hurt more)

Vida and the soon to be booted boyfriend and Ondria from Ondria@Ease and the Cat's Mother was also present.

Ondria at Ease, not so. The Cat's Mother relaxing.

I was there showing off my dental bits.

It looks like the boykie might just survive. Ondria aproves of what he says. Vida is slow clapping and the Cat's mother is encouraging her.
(Shit, that is going to hurt even more)

Blogger has stopped any upload of pictures at this stage.
But then we pour another drink, kiss the cat's and look in on the sleeping Cat's Mother.
Blogger is still not loading, I pay shit and can complain shit.
See next post for more.
Hey Kees. I've been working and haven't made the rounds in a while. Nice pix in the last few posts. You have a lovely family and the blogmeet looks grand.
Cat's mother & Pumpkin are so pretty!
Oh Happy pics!!!! SO glad my dental bits were not displayed! The laughter and hugs were great from you Kees!
Loves and hugs. Miss you guys already! XXX
whats a blog meet?
damn man, have you no shame? Where is your hat?

Looks to me like there must be a lot of old grey bearded fucks in the blog world, huh? you ought to see tha catfish..tha man has a beard like Santa Claus
Rah! for blogmeets! :-D

If you ever get to England, they involve more ducks ;)
PS, 'ello handsome! ;-D
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