23 August 2006


Genetics again

Hendrik my cousin

Tina, Hendrik's mother: Chrisjan, Tina's future husband and thus the father of Hendrik: Susan, my mother: Boshoff, Susan's future husband and thus my father.
I know it sounds like a redneck's nightmare but that is life.
The old picture was taken in Stellenbosch where Tina and Susan studied Social Work.
Tina and Boshoff is brother and sister, that makes Hendrik my cousin.
Tina and my mother became friends at university and my mom visited her at her home where my mother met my father.

In case the photos that you see does not reflect the fact that Hendrik and Chrisjan looks like peas in a pod, I appolgise, but that is the essence of the post.
Get better equipment, OK.
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