22 July 2006


What would you sound like.


As a Redneck.

Eff'n ah had a reackshun time like thet me an' mah gut'd be able t'take on 17 tiffies (mechanics) an' 17 tsshq (suppo't staff), 7 airfo'ce types, 7 armah types, 1 marine an' six pack them unner th' table in no time flat.

Thet'd be a hell of a party.

Fo' th' last fourteen days Kees has been dealin' wif attitudes like this.
Hence th' light bloggin'.

Whuffo' does varmints become like this hyar when yo' prove their crappy argoomnts wrong wif impeccable logic based on points of law an' th' contrack thet both parties signed, cuss it all t' tarnation.
So'e losers.

Purdy animal ain't it?


As a Redneck.

Th' Death Knell
Remember Hezbollah? Th' Satanic terro'istic arm of th' Islamofascists in Teheran, playin' bad fella in Lebanon? Yeah. They're daid. Not today. Not t'morry. But by next week? Yessuh. They is ovahplayed, cuss it all t' tarnation. Daid as dorenails.

ah piss upon them, too.

Actually it sounds the same.


Some say ah have a wierd sense of hoomah. Others claim ah have no sense. Both is probably right. Charmin', jest flippin' charmin'.

What is the diff.

Go and check yourself with this delightfull program.
I am leaving it at that and the driver is going on to the roll.

Lisa as a Cockney

Well if I was the bloomin' Dora the bleedin' Explorer Official Web Site, right, I would NOT be waitin' anxiously for me next student loan application ter be gahn frough, wouldn't be livin' where I'm bloody well livin' and drivin' wot I'm drivin'. In fact, I probably would NOT be GOING ter school because I'd be filffy stinkin' rich... ahhhhhh, a girl can dream...

Misty as a Redneck

Have yo' evah felt thet although th' sun is shinin', ev'rybody aroun' yo' is happy, an' all sh'd be fine wif th' wo'ld, thet yo've been wrapped in a trimenjus, black cloak, which yo' kin't throw off? Nobody else kin see it, but it's gotcha trapped, so thet yo' kin't walk, yo' kin't talk, an' it feels as eff'n yo' kin barely breathe? Yo' try t'scream fo' he'p when it ingu'fs yo', but eff'n yo' manage t'git a few wo'ds out, ev'ryone who might hear, looks atcha as eff'n yer mad, on account o' af'er all, t'them thar is no cloak thar; it muss be yer imaginashun

Cajun as da Jive man

Dat's it, folks! Right on! I'm outta here until Monday. Slap mah fro! If youse attendin' Ogmeet 2006 and still need t'rides to/from de airpo't o' t'reserve some spot fo' dinna' Saturday evenin', email de Great and Powerful Og. What it is, Mama! He gots my numba' and kin track me waaay down.

Og knows all, sees all, hears all.

Denny as a Hacker.

the enemY
r em3mber when teh am3ican media were on our side... if u wEre b0rn 4fter !96, wh3n wally cronk1te, the msot trusted mAn in amraicA, came out against th eVeit \am war,t 3hn ypou dont

Maeve as a cockney.
The dog and bone rings, it is me darlin' 'alf sister.

DS: 'ey! Right! Wotcher up to?

Me: yor never gonna believe this! I 'ad the swat team in me yard! Struth!

DS: 'uh?

Me: Swat team! Oi! Sheriffs! Automatic rifles! Struth!

DS: Moooooooommmmmmm! Oi! Maeve 'ad the swat team in 'er yard! Blimey!


I’ve been flyin' on account o' ah was about two years old, an' I’ve nevah lost mah sense of chilelike wonner at th' view out th' window.

ah lef' Saint John-Boy this hyar evenin', inroute t'To'onto fo' an on overnight stop. T'morry, it’s back t'Chez Elisson, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Th' day in Saint John-Boy was right purdy, wif a clear blue sky, a juntle (fine, mebbe not too juntle) breeze, an' a temperature in th' mid-70’s Fahrenheit. Or mid-20’s Celsius. Take yer pick. Shet mah mouth!

Marcus's comments

1) Wot does 'erro mean.
2) I'll 'ave Yabu's back, right, not ter worry.

Posted by: KeesKennis July 20, 2006 at 02:29 PM

In Samurai speak, Irene is Ilene and Ilene is Irene. 'Allo is "Herro." But if it 'as ter be explained, it don't work.

Posted by: marcus July 20, 2006 at 03:44 PM


Posted by: KeesKennis July 21, 2006 at 08:02 AM

There ya go, KeesKennis! Blimey!
"I rike ter eat ricorice rorrypop! Oi!"

Posted by: marcus July 21, 2006 at 09:29 AM

rove all of yer lednecks

This post can go on for a flippen long time, but i'll stop nownow.

Struckures (AS REDNECKS)

Kim du ToitJuly 22, 20068:50 AM
Billy Joe Beck makes an interestin' point in his discusshun of blues vs. grunge:
Let’s wawk this hyar a bit deeper: Led Zeppelin’s “On account o' I’ve Been Lovin' Yo'” (Zepp IV, 1971) is a stone drag, acco'din' t' th' code o' th' heells! It’s depressin' as hell, which is whut yo' git fum a lot of blues. Howevah, thet moosical struckure is th' thin' thet’s missin' fum grunge. Th' whole moosical theo'y of it is sumpin simply alien t'grunge.Hmmmm, dawgone it. I’m not th' greatess fan of grunge moosic in th' wo'ld—ah happen t'reckon thet only about three ban's kin acshully play it proper, eff'n one kin call it “playin'” at all—but one of th' thin's which interested me about grunge in th' mighty beginnin' was its rejeckshun of th' blues struckure.
In poetry terms, it’s like refusin' t'write struckured sonnets in favo' of free

never thought that they would talk again, I think the UN got involved.
BAHAHAHAHAHAHA the gotdam place has got me figgered
My, how yew kin tawk.
That is sooooo good! I twied to put an Elmer Fudd twist on a Baha'i prayer, and I couldn't stop laffin'.


Just brilliant! :-D
Too funny!!!
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