10 July 2006


Polite mail and Impolite mail.

I have just recieced via blogmail this postcard from reader Squiggy.
He resides over at Blob's site

I replied.

Hi Squiggy,
Good to hear from you again, will oblige, keep on reading

By the way I also heard from your great uncle Ratel the other day.
His manners is as atrocious as ever.
Under his photo that he sent along I quote verbatim what he wrote.
I am so glad that you are the shining light of the Mustelidae Family.

Talk to you soon.


"hey yu effin moron ape if you dont post my picture i will come dere and bite your balls off"

He actually means that bit about balls.

To get him for his nastiness I decided to post this picture of him showing his table manners.

Ratel's are also known by the name Honey Badger.

RATEL armoured vehicle.

RATEL armoured vehicle.

They have no fear and even a big baboon male will take to the trees if confronted with a ratel.
If they are anything like badgers around here, I would take to the trees also; ours have huge claws and a grumpy disposition.
Dang! I'll take the cute little ferret thank you very much!
They are of the same disposition.
Through the safety of binoc's I saw one go for a rhino that was just walking by.

So would I.
Bob post's often about his 2.
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